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Home Care - How This Works

Home care by our doctor can be provided as an onsite visit as well as a video visit.

A home visit will allow a hands-on examination and evaluation of the person in his or her own home setting.

A video visit will allow a quick assessment from anywhere, anytime, any device.

Home Visits

With a home visit, our doctor will be visiting your elderly or physically handicapped family member at home. This visit is similar to  one at the office or hospital but only that it is in familiar environment, the home.

You family member will be examined as well. Recommendations and changes in treatment if needed will be made.

This is an appointment-based service and is not for emergencies. 

In order to  deliver a reliable service, we have divided the island into 7 regions:

  1. Cap Estate
  2. Gros-Islet
  3. Castries
  4. East Coast
  5. South
  6. Soufriere
  7. West Coast

Video Visits

This is the most practical way of providing a  quick effective visit to your elderly family member. 

Most persons have not realised that this is a tool that can be put to great use other than just entertainment.

Our Video visits are of 15 minutes duration. In most cases this is sufficient time to obtain the required information in order to advise you.

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Special News

We have extended our Home Care services island-wide.


Here are answers to frequently asked questions about our home care services.

  1. How much does a home visit cost? Answer - The cost depends on the location. We have factored the time and distance using the Easycare Clinic's location as the point of reference. The fees will show up during your selection at the time of making an appointment
  2. Can I  call to make an appointment? Answer - You can call for additional information but we recommend that you make your appointment online using our platform.
  3.  Are medications and tests included in the charges? Answer - No. Medications and any tests will be additional.
  4. How often should one have a home visit? Answer - As often as needed. Each patient will have different needs.
  5. How many persons can be seen during a home visit? Answer - Each appointment is for one person. However you can contact us if there is more than one person in a household to be seen.

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